Super Solano ***READ ON LADIES***

And on the 8th day....the Super Solano was created.....

If you ever read something that I write, this should be it. During a recent trip to get my hair cut, my mind was blown. I'll tell you how in a minute, but first a bit of back story. I have extremely thick, curly hair, that I have never been able to handle "easily". In middle school I use to wake up at 5 a.m. to go into the garage to blow out my hair- I got in trouble for doing this in the bathroom because it woke up everyone else in the house. It was either that or be exiled at school for being the girl with frizzy curly hair. This process continued throughout high school to now. I still straighten my hair, but now the process is blow out, flat iron and occasionally curling iron. It's amazing that I still have hair left. The entire process takes me 45 minutes minimum, just to get it dry (my hair loves to hold on to moisture). I spend just as much time when I wear it curly, styling then defusing. Every time I see an instructional video on a blog where a girl shows you how to do something "easy" to her already perfect non frizzy hair, I wanna throw my mac book across the room. It isn't "easy" for someone with hair like mine. 

So back to my mind being blown. The girl at the salon straightened my hair (blow dryer only) in 10-15 minutes. No flat iron, no curling iron, just a brush and a blow dryer. It was like she magically replaced my wet hair, with (place your favorite celebrity's hair here)! Simply life changing. I went out the next day and bought my very own. It's a Super Solano, runs about $99 and can be found at your local Sally Beauty. I have only used it once, but it only took me 15 minutes as well and I didn't even need a brush to do my bangs. 

So ladies, if your like me, it's time to stop being a slave to your hair. This is the best $99 I've ever spent and I am passing on the wisdom. Go forth and spend time doing other really...go...go on!

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