Happy 100!

Apparently this is my 100th post. Who knew??
I saw the number 99 on my dash have been putting off this post for about a week.

What do I write about? It has to be something big...or exciting or all encompassing of the last 99 posts (even though it was just recently that I turned my blog into something fashion based instead of "rant" based). And then I woke up this morning and told myself to just write about whatever comes out.

I've definitely fallen in love with a select handful of bloggers lately. Most are over seas, a few state side, and if you've been blogging for all of 5 minutes you probably already know who they are (because they are all amazing! Get ready to get googily eyed. 

Here they are:

The couple that dresses together, looks amazing together...and Sally has the best selection of loafers I've ever seen!

Her outfit videos are to die for. They only last a few seconds, but I could watch them for hours.

 Carrie of Wish Wish Wish

I wish I had a wardrobe and could work a beehive like Carrie. 

 Hannah of Foxtail & Fern

She has some of the best vintage pieces and a necklace collection to die for.

She lives in NY, but looks like she's in London, thus I love her.

Jessie of The Velvet Bow

A thrifter after my own heart.

So there you have it. These are my most influential bloggers to date. I love them. You should too.
Have a great weekend!

**All photos taken from select bloggers blogs.


Music Monday- on a Wednesday

I really enjoyed a FBFF topic a couple weeks back so I decided to make it a weekly post on my blog: Music Monday.

They will be audio visual posts. Visuals inspired by the audio.

I giggle at the thought that I am debuting something for a specific day on my blog on the wrong day. I guess that's just how this week has been so far! So here we go, this weeks song is The Gardner by the Tallest Man on Earth.

Please click play and scroll on down. Enjoy!


FBFF: Words of Wisdom

This week our focus is on words of wisdom or a piece of advice that sticks with you.

Treat it like a business. 

Sometimes I get too emotionally attached to things and when I am, I fail to do my best or get scared. I make decisions based on feelings instead of thinking things out properly. Yet the moment I think about things in a business sense, my head is cleared and my feelings are put aside. It's like an alter ego- like Beyonce is Sasha Fierce when she's on stage.

Pulling yourself out of a situation and looking at it from a 3rd person perspective is the most clarifying thing for me. 

Who released this lovely "snack" of wisdom on my life? We'll he is to remain nameless (to protect his identity of course), but if you must, you can call him Larry. 

So the next time you feel confused or afraid- get your Sasha Fierce on- and treat it like a business!


What I want Wednesday...ASOS Salon

I've decided to focus my posts in a effort to A. post more frequently and B. get this blog in order. 

This first "What I want Wednesday" will be rough. 1 day into the shopping ban and I can't stop drooling..

These lovely items are from ASOS Salon collection. They are soft, and feminine, and ever so detailed... AND I WANT THEM. 

 Picture c/o Style Bubble


Shopping Ban

I don't think any female, anywhere wants to hear those words... EVER.  Though I actually don't feel so bad about it. I am always up for a challenge, and looking at my recent shopping habits, this should be one. I never really buy "high ticket" items, and spending more then $25 on an item of clothing just seems wrong to me. I've been thrifting so much lately that even buying "new" feels a bit odd. I like my clothing to have a bit of history to it, even if it's someone else's. 

The reason for the ban? It makes me mad to even say it... I have to pay some medical bills. Ugh, yes. I'm not saying I don't care about my health..there is just a lot to it. I don't like insurance; the idea of it, having it, having to deal with your provider, proof of this, proof of that, pre-existing conditions. I've always been healthy and have never really gone to the doctor unless I've stuck something up my nose and can't get it out or I'm dying. But in the end, it looks like it's necessary. Ok, fine, the root of the anger is that I am mad at my body. That it is doing things I can't prevent, that I can only "follow up" on.  What's wrong with you bod? Get your act together!

So goodbye shopping, see you Nov 15.

In spite of all this medical hoopla, I've already done a lot of my winter shopping-and rather well at that. So well that I am going to share some of my favorite finds, and yes, I only spent a total of  $74.60 on everything.
Ann Taylor Sweater: $4.50
Fur Collar Coat: $6.80
Trench Coat: Gift from Mom-Thanks Mom!

Coat: $8.00
Silk Shirt: $1.50
Silk Shirt: $1.50 
Sweater: $3.80
 Cotton Blouse: $1.50
Pleated Skirt: $3.80 
Skirt: $3.80
 Pleated Skirt: $3.80

 Pleated Skirt: $3.80
 Skirt: $3.80
 Skimmers: $16.00

 Suede Boots: $12.00

Have a good night lovelies! 


Something about that dress...

So this is a new addition to my wardrobe. It pretty much sums me up. It's earthy, light, and is a great summer/winter transition piece. I'm getting pretty excited about the fall weather. I've found some great pieces that I can't wait to wear. Bring on the cold!
Dress: Forever 21, LOVE collection
Belt: Vintage
Skimmers: Vintage

Hope you all have a great week!


Fashion Beauty Friend Friday-Audio Outfit

Please click play. Then continue to read. Thank you.

When people ask if you had to choose to be blind or deaf, what do you choose?
I never have to think about that answer. I always choose to be blind. I think most people would choose deaf, since so much of what we do is based off of sight, but not me. I can't imagine a world without music. So while this post is mostly audio based, sight is necessary as well I suppose.

The weather has just started to turn cold and rainy. It makes me want to curl up in something soft and warm and listen to fuzzy records. This song, "To Build A Home" by The Cinematic Orchestra featuring Patrick Watson has been my favorite since I heard it 2 years ago. This song makes me feel like this:

Shirt: Vintage
Skirt: American Apparel 
Socks: Target
Feather Hair piece: DIY

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