Giving Thanks

I'm not so sure about Thanksgiving anymore. Are we suppose to be celebrating the harvest? Survival of  the migration to America? Thanking the Indians for being friendly and not killing us?? I don't eat meat, live pretty far from my family, and don't believe you should designate just one day to being thankful. It's the same as Valentines day- I don't need just one day to focus on loving. 

This year I wanted to keep things super low key and didn't want to consume the typical 4,000 calorie meal. So I spent my Thanksgiving with Ellie, her friend Alicia, and the lovely pup Penny. 



What I want Wednesday: Kimbra

I want her voice. I've been pretty addicted to these 3 videos the last couple of days. 



Saturday seemed like the perfect day to stroll through Logan Square and get a little crafty.  So I did just that with Piper.

Last week she came to me with with the Quote/ Lyric DIY project that seems to be floating around the net. It seemed simple enough so we set out to conquer this little project.


 Here are the "basic" instructions:

1)Find a simple painting you want for your letter back drop
2)Pick up paint (your color choice, though white looks best) and stick on letters 
3)Stick letters to painting in a saying/quote/lyric you like
4)Paint over letters
5)Once dry peel off letters...and you're done!





We discovered it's not that easy. Turns out our "go to" thrift stores did not have a lot of painting options. We stopped at 3 or 4 places before we found backdrops we really liked. Most DIY instructions listed that the stick on letters could be found at any hardware store. Not the case- Home Depot does not carry them. We found some at Joann's, but they didn't have the exact size we wanted. When I painted over mine with white paint, the photo beneath bled thru and turned my white paint to pink. Note: Use an actual painting and not something on photo paper. I ended up painting over mine in yellow to get rid of the pink.

All in all it was an interesting experience. I really like how Pipers turned out, I have yet to see mine in person because it took forever to dry. Piper was nice enough to peel my letters off and snap me a picture on her phone. So beware, and don't get frustrated when seemingly simple projects turn into marathons!



Below is my attempt at visual/ audio writing. I've really been feeling mustard yellow as my fall color instead of the burnt orange that I normally go for. The song is Pachad by Yael Naim- pretty beautiful. You should check her out.  I really enjoyed putting this particular post together, and will hopefully do more in the future that are more concise audio/visual. 

A dim fear cover the eyes
I want you to wait for him alone
Connecting my hands, and tell me to ask.

Give me a hand
Want you to folding to him
Want you to wait for him forever

White courage pushing me into the water 
Want you to get wet

Come to me
Shining the skies for me

Give me a hand, want you to try by yourself
This is the time that you will bloom forever
Swim alone now, he says
Want you to bloom forever
Its time that you figure out who you are
Give me a hand, give me a hand.

Give me a hand, give me a hand.


Once Upon a Time...

Anyone else in love with Ginny's looks on this show so far?!?!


FBFF- Favorite Books

This week we're talking about our favorite books, or the last 5 that we've read. Here are mine:






I could go into detail about each book-that's a lie, I actually can't. I have a horrible memory for books and all I would be able to present you with is a general outline- and then you would have no need to read the book at all. So coming from someone who doesn't read that often, these are pretty great. No, they really are. START READING!



The Little Red Postcard

Need a visual distraction from your day? Check out The Little Red Postcard's tumblr account. It's full of vintage photos, letters, and everything else pretty!


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