Be my Braid-e

Holy Braids!! I have been fawning over these looks for the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, my hair is barely past shoulder length so they are a little out of my league...for now. I did attempt my own version of Heidi Braids, and I think they turned out rather well. I'd kill for a messy fish tail though, if you got it FLAUNT IT! YouTube is filled with great "how to" videos of every kind, so even if you've never braided a barbie before, you can learn to do these looks.

I've been trying to change up my shots lately, you know, so I'm not always standing in the same boring pose....and this is what I came up with:
The Standard The Tease
The Grump
The Casablanca
The Bon Voyage
The Action Shot (just so you know I don't take myself too seriously)
My poor little braids
  • Dress- Target
  • Shoes- Target
  • Hat- Vintage
  • Scarf- My Grandmothers

I really like this look. It's super simple and really comfortable. It does completely break my rule of 7 (there are always 7 elements to the best looks), but today less was more. I love that I didn't belt this dress. The bodice is fitted and detailed, so I felt like there was no need to draw more attention to the waist. Today was the fist time I've worn these shoes, and I faired pretty well. I can always use more height, and the wedge is easy enough for this "flats girl" to walk in. Till Tomorrow...


Goodbye Winter

Today's a two-fer. Well more of playing catch up. Yesterday I decided to kiss Winter goodbye. Bye to comfort food, to Netflixing on the sofa after work, to blaming my lazy growing belly on the "cold". Jon made me a farewell breakfast. Mm Mm.
The Master at work. Jealous?
Cornflake and Coco Krispie French Toast with Powdered Sugar and Dark Chocolate Flakes
French Fry Onion Ring Hash, with Smoked Cheese and Egg Sunny Side Up!

The Remains.
You cant really tell, but he's smiling...on the inside.

Today I was pretty productive. I worked most of the day, then rode my bike (eek!) to a Memorial Day BBQ ( in a dress no less) and got to visit my favorite person, Landree. I never see enough of her face because she's super productive with her improv and acting career. She's also a fellow runner and will take down the Chicago Marathon this year! I'm sad I'm not running it this year, but I ran the last two and decided it was time for a break. I will be running the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon though! After the BBQ I came home took a few picks of my biking out fit, then went for a run. Two miles in 19:48, not bad for not running in 6 months. So that's 4 miles on the bike and a 2 mile run. Way to kick off the summer!

I must say my run was pretty hard. At first I thought I was having trouble breathing, because I felt like I wasn't getting enough air. I slowed my pace, took a couple of deep breaths, and pushed though. Sometimes your body fights your return to physical activity... I refuse to let my body win. Well, that's enough for today. Until tomorrow!

I biked like a pro in this thing!



Looks like I've gotten about a week behind on things. All last week the weather was awful, in the 40's and rainy. Not your typical May weather. But I had a wonderful surprise last Tuesday. Jon and I made a date to visit the Green Mill. A really swanky old school jazz club. But when we showed up, spun me around to the Riveria, behind us. Turns out he'd bought me tickets to see Adele! The concert was AMAZING. Unfortunately, my phone died so I wasn't able to snap any pictures. Jon took some for me.

I love this girl. She's pretty amazing. Not only does she have a voice to die for, but her cat eyes, BIG lashes, and stunning 50's style makes me want to jump back in time.


The Crafty Summer

I have a feeling this summer is going to be rather crafty. Here is a piece I did a little while back for Jon. I'm obsessed with collages. This is a pretty bare bones piece. I never have too clear of an idea when I start out on one. I just have a general idea of what colors I want, who I am making it for, and what clippings I have on hand. I'm an avid scrap collector, though not of the "I bought this kit at Target" kind. Whenever I find a font, picture, color, or quote that I enjoy, I'll rip it from wherever and save it for a future project. This piece consists of an Urban Outfitters catalogue, a old fashioned bicycle picture I Stumbedupon, and a typed quote (from my lovely Royal Typewriter) by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. "We are on this earth to fart around. Don't let anybody tell you any different", I think those are pretty awesome words to live by.

Again, with Summer finally hitting us, I really feel the need to lighten things up. I can't get enough of WHITE and floral prints. I use to feel bad about wearing either one multiple times during the week, but then I saw Tieka's blog Selective Potential, and I got over it.

  • Shirt- Vintage Gap
  • Jeans- Levi's
  • Ring- Forever 21
  • Glasses- Urban Outfitters
  • Sandals- Target


Busy Bee

The end of this week was rather busy and has kept me from posting. But this entry is exciting! My first attempt at posting an outfit. And to go a little extra, a video as well. On Friday I got my new ukulele in the mail. Finally, after months of debating, I bought a Luna Tenor electric. She's real pretty, sounds great, and isn't too big for my tiny hands. The Video is a cover of a cover of Bob Dylan's "Make you feel my Love". I prefer the cover by Adele, but that's just my preference.

On to the outfit. Warm weather has finally hit Chicago, still a bit rainy though. All I want to do is wear dresses and skirts, and skirts and dresses, and dresses and skirts. I had to make it though an intense game of kickball though, before I could play dress up. There is nothing better then a warm Chicago Summer day mixed with intense competitive sport. Ah to be young.

  • Shirt- Target
  • Skirt- Forever 21
  • Belt- Forever 21
  • Necklace- Hoard Antiques
  • Shoes- Pink Frog
Looks like its finally OK to wear your grandmothers lace again. I never remember liking lace much as a child. It wasn't until I was hunting around a Village Discount a couple of months ago, looking for things I could wear in the Winter did I discover my intense like for the stuff.
I've also discovered the more items an outfit has the more I enjoy it. It's odd, but something about an outfit that has 7 elements always equals a perfect 10 in my mind. Not that you can't achieve that with less, but 7 seems to be the lucky number for me! But more on that theory in the future. I've had enough of this blog for tonight. I am still learning and frankly though fun, this is tough. Taking pictures one handed, cropping, downloading from your phone, recording a video (I think I did at least 8 takes) and 3 hours of kickball makes Megan a sleepy girl. Night!


Rainy Sunday

Today was unusually cold and rainy, probably about 40 out. Perfect snuggle weather if you ask me. Jon had to work today, so we ate a quick brunch and I sent him on his way. Leaving me up to my own devices to be as productive with the rest of this rainy day.

I've been working on putting the final touches on my apartment lately. I moved in about 2 years ago and love it! Today I was going to visit this great Antique shop down the block from where I live called the Penn Dutchman. I was hoping to find some lace for a new bed skirt. It's run by a little old man, James Mowery, who lives across the street. I've been in over a dozen times since I moved to the area and he never remembers me. I always get the same schpeal. "Have you been here before? You know we have 13 rooms?". Yes, yes I do know that. Anyways, they were closed so I headed home. I put on 28 days later, and decided to work on some coaster/ pictures. I found these great antique frames at forever21 yesterday, and put an old Jane Eyre poster in them.

I think they look rather lovely. They'll either be used as actual pictures, or as coasters for my coffee table (pictures of that to come later). I made it out of an old wine box and printing press tray that I found at the Penn Dutchman . But alas another quick blog, I need to get crackin' on cleaning out my closets. Summers a comin' and I best be ready! Bye!


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