I ❤ Bangs

This weekend was very quiet, yet eventful. I got bangs and a new (vintage) sofa. For a girl with naturally  curly hair, bangs can be a bit terrifying and sometimes a disaster. However, the woman that cut my hair gave me exactly what I wanted, and dried my hair faster then anyone ever has (it normally takes me 45mins with a dryer). Her secret was her hair dryer- a professional grade Salano dryer. You bet I'll be picking one up this week. 

I've been looking for a new sofa for a long time. It was a pretty epic car ride with Piper of Cheap&Chic in Chicago to pick this bad boy up, but it was sure worth it! Have you ever had any vintage finds you went above and beyond to get?


Vintage Finds

Here are some photos of recent additions to my collection. 
Happy Tuesday!



 This weekend was rather dreary and my attempt to take outfit photos outside failed big time. Too cold, not enough light. So I spent my time in-doors oogling the show "Revenge". It's pretty much a modern day soap opera about people with billons of dollars to blow. Ashley Madwkwe is a character on the show that is too stylish for words. I couldn't find any pictures of her on camera, but she seems to dress the same on and off camera. Enjoy!


Friday...we did it...backwards.

Sometimes your week feels so long that you wonder if Friday even exists. This week was especially long for me. I redesigned my blog (using HTML and a new Template- which I know nothing about- so everything becomes trial and error), made the final decisions on my new header (Designed by my friend Ben), and started working out again. Yet, its in those times when you are tired and hardly lucid that you can create some really...interesting things. 

The video above is Bon Ivers Michicant. I've been wanting to record some video for my blog for a while, and while I only have me and a tripod, I thought playing a song would suffice for now. It would also give me the chance to fool around with iMovie. I was all ready to post the video when I noticed the reverse button. I put the video on reverse and couldn't stop watching it. There is something so entrancing about watching things backwards. It also sounds like I am singing in a different language! So if you ever wanted to hear the song Michicant Backwards- you got it! I also decided to post the forward so you can see just how different they are (sorry for the flub on the third verse).


Be My Bow

I am so in love with shirts that have bows on them. I found this shirt thrifting the other day, but it didn't have bow on it.  I realized this morning when I put it on that it had loops on the collar. I took an old belt from a dress, looped it through and Huzza! My very own bow shirt!

I'm always pleasantly surprised when stuff like that happens. Maybe I should always get dressed in a rush! 


Winter Warm

I woke up and it was 16 degrees out.
Welcome Winter.

In what unique ways do you keep yourself warm?
A pet? A favorite knitted blanket? A heated blanket?
I am guilty of having that last one at work.
Guilty as charged.


Whiskey Craft Night

Sometimes I like to craft. Sometimes I like to drink. Sometimes I combine the two. 
Thus my Whiskey Craft Night.

For this project all you need are bottles (new, old, big, litte...whatever you'd like), pictures, paint, and mod podge. Just paint your bottles and use the mod podge to glue on the photos. So simple, you can drink when you do it!


River Park

River Park is a beautiful little park a few blocks from my house. I run there during the warmer months (only), even though they plow the paths in the winter. There is a dog park, community center, pool, tennis courts and basketball courts. What more could you need? It finally started snowing here and I could be more excited that I finally get to break out my Bean boots! 


❤❤ Liebster Award ❤❤

Last month I was given this award by the lovely Piper from Cheap & Chic in Chicago. "Liebster" is the German word for "dearest", or sometimes seen as a favorite. This award is meant for blogs with fewer than 200 followers (or close to it, or slightly over- in my case). Its the perfect way to connect to smaller bloggers or ones that are just starting out.  

The rules for the award are quite simple:

Link up the person who nominated you
Link to 5 of your top picks and spread the love
Post the award on your blog

Here are my top 5. Enjoy!


Date Night

I follow lots of lovely bloggers, though most seem to be married or involved. So what about all those single bloggers out there?

I've started dating again, and most of the set ups have been pretty random. So how do you dress for a first date with someone you don't really know? I'm a girl who likes to do her research, and the internet is full of wonderful and useless information. You are bound to find a picture/ something that lets on to your "others" sense of style. Here are 3 questions I always ask before I get dressed for a date:

1) Where are you going? 

To a bar or restaurant? Bike riding or rock climbing? Inside or outside? Dress appropriately and always be prepared to change locations. Some dates last an hour, some last ....longer =).

2) How does he dress?

A first date is always a little nerve racking for one or both parties. You always want your date to be comfortable. If he's more chill, don't get all gussied up in your prom dress. He could end up feeling a bit embarrassed/ overwhelmed or feel you're a bit out of his league. 

3) Is this me?

Regardless of the 2 questions above, always bring it back to you. Are you comfortable? Do you feel good with what you are wearing? I don't believe in putting on my best "self" at the beginning and then eventually letting them see that you are a sweat pants girl (which I'm not, but that's totally cool if you are!). Be honest. As my mom says "If it works, great! If not, there'll be another bus(man) along in 5."



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