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Please excuse me from my absence. These last 2 weeks have been rough and every piece of technology has broken down on me. I'm just starting to get things running again, so expect a flood of outfit posts, a photo shoot, and (finally) pictures from my NYC trip. Till then, here are some Pinterest finds I've been drooling over. 



I have always been in love with collections and things organized in pretty ways. Have you been to Things Organized Neatly

It's a beautiful, beautiful thing. The photos above are from their site. 

I've been participating in the Photo a Day in May challenge with FBFF. Check mine out on instagram at BUFFALOHEARTS or the entire project at #FBPHOTOADAYMAY.

Happy Friday!


Thrift is it!

 What are your thoughts on thrifting?

I read this article the other day about this girl who wanted to recreate a JCrew look for less. She mentioned that she found all the necessary pieces at a thrift store, but seemed embarrassed by it. And then she mentioned that it was OK since when you thrift you are really buying "vintage" pieces. While the words are interchangeable it seems that people embarrassed to wear previously worn clothes make it a point to call them vintage. Her tone changed at the end of the article when she mentioned she really only spent $12 to recreate a look in the $280 range.  

Me? I love thrifting- the hunt for something that you may or may not find- and then when you do and pay a fraction of the cost...well nothing tastes sweeter. I also love the idea that the pieces have a previous history. It kind of reminds me of that movie the Red Violin. 

So why be embarrassed that you went thrifting, that you spent a fraction of the cost on unique pieces? That you are "recycling" something that someone else no longer wanted. I don't see anything wrong with that. Do you? 


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