Come running home

I spent my morning watching the British film "Coming Home". It's a pre-post war series about 2 families coming together. I'm not done with it yet, but it's pretty great so far. There is a super young Keira Knightly in the film, for those of you interested, and the costumes are beautiful. They go along with the airy, faded, soft looks that I am loving this Summer. Lots of lace, florals, and vertical stripes. The type of outfits you can throw on and go, without styling too much. I made a collage below, my first one ever! I love making them in the flesh, but had no idea how simple it is to do them online. Thanks to the Google program, Picasa!

After work I took a quick trip to my favorite thrift store in the area, Village Discount. The place is horribly disorganized and if you go in to "just browse" you'll be there for hours. But I'm finally starting to understand the flow of the store. It's taken me several months to master this, but now that I have, I'm finding some pretty sweet deals. For $18 I bought:

  • High-wasted floral shorts- JCrew
  • Sachel-Coach
  • Sandals- Old Navy
  • Socks
  • Book 1: On Second Glance by Kanfer
  • Book 2: Entertainment Yearbook '99
  • Paisley Journal
Not too shabby if you ask me. I think I'm most excited about the books. They've got some great photos in them for future collages.

And finally, I ended my night on a 2 mile run. I didn't feel like styling an outfit today, so I thought I'd show you what I look like after a run. It isn't pretty, but it's real. Thumbs up for getting out there! I think my biggest problem with doing certain things is consistency. I feel pretty devoted to this blog at the moment, so why not also use this as a way to keep my running on track. Today was national Running Day and in honor of it, I shall track my progress from here on out! Till tomorrow kids!
2 miles- 18:48

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