Michelle Williams

I am a girl that can't decide how to keep her hair. I am always changing styles and parts. Some times it's curly, sometimes its straight, short or long. Always changing. I wish I had hair that just looked good with whatever I did with it, like Michelle Williams. This girl can't go wrong. She makes me want to cut all my hair off. Then I remember the last time I did that...big mistake. Here are a few of Michelle's looks that I love!
There is a beautiful photo shoot and interview of her on Fashion Copious. Again showing off her great hair and impeccable style.

This November she'll be playing the ultimate blond, Marilyn Monroe, in the movie "My Week with Marilyn". No trailers yet, but it supposedly takes place during 1 week in the stars life, around the time she was married to Arthur Miller. I always thought she belonged with DiMaggio. I really think if she didn't O.D. they would have gotten back together.

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