Goodbye 26

Today is my birthday. Today I turn 27, and am in no way "squeamish" about giving away my age. I'll always look like I am 12, and I came to terms with that along time ago. So on my first day of 27, I figured I'd reflect on 26 things that have affected me over the last 26 years. In no particular order:

1 I can sing a Rainbow: This is what my mom sang to me when I was a kid to put me to sleep. How cool was she??
2 mustaches
( My Favorite:
4 My Uke
5 Oscar Levant
6 Urban Outfitters
7 Being Shy
8 Walkin' on Sunshine: High Fidelity
9 Soccer
10 Donald O'Connor
12 Florida
13 Musical Theater
15 Jane Austen
16 Lumber Jack
17 William Fitzsimmons
18 Chairs
19 Jonathan Safran Foer
20 Etta James and Billie Holiday
21 Wes Anderson
22 Mansfield Park
24 Lincoln Square/ Chicago
25 This guy:
26 Black Eyed Dog:
I suppose I could sit here and explain all of them to you, but those are more personal conversations, then tags. I'm always here to chat, just leave a message! Oh, and yes, Happy Birthday to Me!

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