Be my Braid-e

Holy Braids!! I have been fawning over these looks for the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, my hair is barely past shoulder length so they are a little out of my league...for now. I did attempt my own version of Heidi Braids, and I think they turned out rather well. I'd kill for a messy fish tail though, if you got it FLAUNT IT! YouTube is filled with great "how to" videos of every kind, so even if you've never braided a barbie before, you can learn to do these looks.

I've been trying to change up my shots lately, you know, so I'm not always standing in the same boring pose....and this is what I came up with:
The Standard The Tease
The Grump
The Casablanca
The Bon Voyage
The Action Shot (just so you know I don't take myself too seriously)
My poor little braids
  • Dress- Target
  • Shoes- Target
  • Hat- Vintage
  • Scarf- My Grandmothers

I really like this look. It's super simple and really comfortable. It does completely break my rule of 7 (there are always 7 elements to the best looks), but today less was more. I love that I didn't belt this dress. The bodice is fitted and detailed, so I felt like there was no need to draw more attention to the waist. Today was the fist time I've worn these shoes, and I faired pretty well. I can always use more height, and the wedge is easy enough for this "flats girl" to walk in. Till Tomorrow...

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