24 hour break

So this last Saturday I took a 24, well a 23 1/2 hour break from my break from acting to participate in a fundraiser for Ex-Pats Theatre Company. I know a few of the kids that are company members, so I figured it was for a good cause, and if it sucked, it'd be over in a day. There were 4 theater pieces, a musical act, and a film. I somehow was picked to do the film. We shot down town at the directors house, who just happens to live with my buddy Landree!!!
Their apartment was beautiful, but the most interesting part was their stairwell. They live above a photographer, who apparently decided it was his job to decorate the entrance way and stairwell.

In the end it was a really fun, "interesting" process, though I didn't like the way the film turned out. But if I learned anything, it was the fact that I don't like the idea of not having complete control of a creative project. Maybe that's why I enjoy working on my own pieces more then I've ever liked the shows I've done. Lesson learned.
the directors: Matt & Dan
Actress: Amy
Actress: Jen
Stunt Dog: Remy

This is what I wore to the shoot. I was the "free spirited" sister.
I LOVE the repetition and randomness of the photos in the hallway. Perhaps for me, visually, that is one of my favorite things. I bought this jewelery stand from Urban Outfitters after months of eyeing it. I also have this crazy obsession with chairs. To me, it is perfection.

Piper Alexander  – (October 25, 2011 at 1:20 PM)  

When you're over this chair jewelry holder, I'll take it. Thanks.

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