Jon and I had the day off today, so instead of sitting in our squelching apartments, we decided to get brunch and explore Andersonville. Andersonville already has a special place in my heart because that's where my favorite Village Discount is located.
We decided to eat at "A Taste of Heaven". I wouldn't say the food was heavenly, but not bad.

While we were eating, Jon got a call from his mom, with a great surprise...

The very first picture of his new niece/nephew. Little baby Butts! After brunch, we decided to go exploring. The neighborhood is pretty peaceful.
But then we came across this crazy house that, as pretty as it was, looked a little out of place.

This one is more like it.
Doggy butts!

Next we headed to the Brown Elephant, another great thrift/ second hand store in the area. It use to be an old theater, so I am told.

Jon found some great reading material.

Back outside we ran into the puppet guy! He has a little hand puppet show attached to his bike. I never know whether to be freaked out by it or amused.

Jon scored a long board for $20 at Brown elephant, while I got some small vintage frames. Here he is with it, such a natural!

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