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I'll admit it. Fine. Most of the times I flip through a Lucky Mag or Elle, I'm only "looking at the pictures" per se. Honestly, how many times can you read articles about the perfect blow out, dressing for your size, or what concealer will work best with your skin type. The articles get a little redundant, but the photos of new products or trends never do.


But I finally came across this article at yesterday and the title got me: "All Eyes on the Editors: Has Street Style Photography Created a New Unattainable Ideal for Women?" As I read on, I got pretty miffed. It talks about stylists and editors runing around fashion week flaunting their outfits in front of photographers to get their 15 minutes. And they even, "scoff", will change their outfits multiple times a day if they don't think theirs is up to par or so they'll have the opportunity to be photographed again. 

This doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary. When, in the last 10 years, has anyone in the entertainment industry not jumped at a chance to get in front of the camera- or even plotted ways to do it? And now the industry is even searching for those people. Shows like The Jersey Shore and House wives of yadda yadda (because I don't care to keep track, let alone watch them) are media starved individuals. And yet when I see them, I don't feel the need to run out and get a tan or "do my laundry".


I think people that follow true Street Style blogs know the difference between who's overly planned and who is true to their genuine style. And while I love The Sartorialist, I know the difference between a model and a genuine person on the street. This doesn't make me feel pressured to change my outfit. Street style is having a unique sense of self and expressing that to a T whether someone is taking a picture of you or not.

Wow, I really went into a rant on this one. And I hope whoever reads this feels the same. A picture or an opportunity won't convince me to change who I am or how I dress. 


*All photos taken from HEL Looks (My favorite Street Style site)

Bri  – (October 14, 2011 at 5:25 PM)  

Street rules I'm with you on that!

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