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This weeks topic is what inspires us. Well gee- I don't think I ever write that stuff down, I just let it affect me. So I will do my best to pin some down. Here are my top 5.

1. Nature

Ok, so I like trees. Well it's really a wood thing I suppose. Every piece is different and there are unlimited things you can do with it, but it will always break back down to a really natural organic thing.   I am also a huge fan of earth tones and trees cover pretty much all of them.

 2. Folk Music- Beirut

Their sound reminds me of a foreign place I visited in a dream. Always a bit fantastical, and pretty easy to play on the uke. 

3. Early Century Street Style

Ok OK, I know its a picture of the Newsies, but this is the clearest photo representation I could find. The flat caps, suspenders, henley's and button downs. They are all wearing the same thing, and yet each has their own look. Love it!

4. Typewriter fonts

Perfectly imperfect. 
That's my thing, and that's what typewriters do.

5. Wes Anderson

Besides having an incredible sense of person style, he seamlessly makes the same connections in all of his movies. From the artwork and fonts, to the costumes and sets. Every element is thought out and nit picked to perfection, and it shows. I love things that flow from one to the next to the next. I never see hiccups in his work. Makes me want to strive for the same. 

Hope you enjoy the top 5 things that inspire me. Don't forget to check out other blogger inspiration over at Mommy Posh.


Gayle  – (October 28, 2011 at 10:32 PM)  

Your Newsies picture put such a huge smile on my face. :) I love how you're inspired by nature and typewriter fonts too.

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