Help me pick a Camera!

Dear readers, passerby-ers, and all others who point and shoot. 
I am taking the plunge and investing in an actual camera, AND I NEED YOUR HELP!
I've been doing a bit of research, but sometimes it's better to hear from the horses mouth.

Do you own a camera? 
What kind? 
Do you have a link to photos you've taken with it? 
What made you choose this specific one?

Right now I am pretty in love with Canon and am pretty sure I want a DSLR. But I'm open to other suggestions! Some people have told me to get a mid priced one and up grade in the future, and others have said go big or go home. What do you think?

Let the recommending begin!


Sandy  – (October 27, 2011 at 10:20 AM)  

i have a canon rebel xti, and i love it because it is dslr but LIGHT WEIGHT. i've had it for over three years, and never had a problem with it.

for some of my snaps, check out my blog.


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