Shot through the heart (of your day)

Yesterday I took a shot an hour each hour (that I remembered) to document the day. 
This is a great tool to see what you really did with your time!
 6am: Took the train to work

 7am: Ate breakfast

 8am: Took Ableton workshop at work
 9am: Started working
 10am: Prepared to talk to customers- I always like to add a little armer. 
11am: Played some ping pong. 
 1pm: Ate lunch
 2pm: Reprimanded Jimmy for not reminding me to take a picture at noon.
 3pm: Stacked some La Croix
 4pm: Finished up work, checked out my new favorite blogger Louder than Silence, and then headed to a meeting.

 5pm: Time to go home!
 6pm: Arrived home to the lovely Square.
 7pm: Picked up a few things at our local book store, The Book Cellar. Including this fun one, Bust Magazine!
 8pm: I call this "Lazy Dinner"
9pm: Watched some 6 Feet Under, I'll finish this one day, hopefully!
 10pm: Thought about doing a shoot in my bathroom somehow....
 11pm: wrote an angry letter!! 
12am: Midnight Bike ride.

Well, that was my Friday! Have a great day!

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