I made a very silly new years resolution this year. Silly in the sense that no one really sticks to those types of things. Yet, this one was just simple enough that I had no reason not to try it out. My resolution: Wear more heels.

I am 5' 2 3/4"on a good day. I haven't grown (height wise) since I was in 5th grade. I've come to terms with with the fact that I will never be a leggy 6' runway model and find my height rather "cute". So why the resolution to wear heels? I've opened myself up to every other fashionable way to alter or accentuate my appearance, so why be a little taller for a day? 

The past couple of days I've really stuck with it. Wearing heels everywhere. To the movies, to parties, riding my bike, and to work. The outcome...is that I love it. It's amazing viewing things from a different height. Makes me feel a bit more important, a bit more powerful. But it wasn't a cake walk the whole time. I'm normally running late for things. Always in a hurry, trying to catch the train or running down a pair of stairs. To any woman out there who has ever walked down the steps from a train platform, at a decent pace, during rush hour, without falling on your face deserves a medal...or a cookie...or something shiny.  

Now that I am back in my flats I've hit a road block. When are heels too much for an outfit? Like when wearing a jumper, or shorts? I feel like wearing them with dresses and skirts is always a go, but it's shorts that have me a bit miffed. Maybe I just haven't mastered those yet. How do you feel? 
These are the lovelies I've been eyeing lately.


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