Friday...we did it...backwards.

Sometimes your week feels so long that you wonder if Friday even exists. This week was especially long for me. I redesigned my blog (using HTML and a new Template- which I know nothing about- so everything becomes trial and error), made the final decisions on my new header (Designed by my friend Ben), and started working out again. Yet, its in those times when you are tired and hardly lucid that you can create some really...interesting things. 

The video above is Bon Ivers Michicant. I've been wanting to record some video for my blog for a while, and while I only have me and a tripod, I thought playing a song would suffice for now. It would also give me the chance to fool around with iMovie. I was all ready to post the video when I noticed the reverse button. I put the video on reverse and couldn't stop watching it. There is something so entrancing about watching things backwards. It also sounds like I am singing in a different language! So if you ever wanted to hear the song Michicant Backwards- you got it! I also decided to post the forward so you can see just how different they are (sorry for the flub on the third verse).

Katie  – (January 20, 2012 at 3:15 PM)  

Yup, mesmerizing! It's so interesting how it still sounds like the same song!

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