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The end of this week was rather busy and has kept me from posting. But this entry is exciting! My first attempt at posting an outfit. And to go a little extra, a video as well. On Friday I got my new ukulele in the mail. Finally, after months of debating, I bought a Luna Tenor electric. She's real pretty, sounds great, and isn't too big for my tiny hands. The Video is a cover of a cover of Bob Dylan's "Make you feel my Love". I prefer the cover by Adele, but that's just my preference.

On to the outfit. Warm weather has finally hit Chicago, still a bit rainy though. All I want to do is wear dresses and skirts, and skirts and dresses, and dresses and skirts. I had to make it though an intense game of kickball though, before I could play dress up. There is nothing better then a warm Chicago Summer day mixed with intense competitive sport. Ah to be young.

  • Shirt- Target
  • Skirt- Forever 21
  • Belt- Forever 21
  • Necklace- Hoard Antiques
  • Shoes- Pink Frog
Looks like its finally OK to wear your grandmothers lace again. I never remember liking lace much as a child. It wasn't until I was hunting around a Village Discount a couple of months ago, looking for things I could wear in the Winter did I discover my intense like for the stuff.
I've also discovered the more items an outfit has the more I enjoy it. It's odd, but something about an outfit that has 7 elements always equals a perfect 10 in my mind. Not that you can't achieve that with less, but 7 seems to be the lucky number for me! But more on that theory in the future. I've had enough of this blog for tonight. I am still learning and frankly though fun, this is tough. Taking pictures one handed, cropping, downloading from your phone, recording a video (I think I did at least 8 takes) and 3 hours of kickball makes Megan a sleepy girl. Night!

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