The Crafty Summer

I have a feeling this summer is going to be rather crafty. Here is a piece I did a little while back for Jon. I'm obsessed with collages. This is a pretty bare bones piece. I never have too clear of an idea when I start out on one. I just have a general idea of what colors I want, who I am making it for, and what clippings I have on hand. I'm an avid scrap collector, though not of the "I bought this kit at Target" kind. Whenever I find a font, picture, color, or quote that I enjoy, I'll rip it from wherever and save it for a future project. This piece consists of an Urban Outfitters catalogue, a old fashioned bicycle picture I Stumbedupon, and a typed quote (from my lovely Royal Typewriter) by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. "We are on this earth to fart around. Don't let anybody tell you any different", I think those are pretty awesome words to live by.

Again, with Summer finally hitting us, I really feel the need to lighten things up. I can't get enough of WHITE and floral prints. I use to feel bad about wearing either one multiple times during the week, but then I saw Tieka's blog Selective Potential, and I got over it.

  • Shirt- Vintage Gap
  • Jeans- Levi's
  • Ring- Forever 21
  • Glasses- Urban Outfitters
  • Sandals- Target

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