Shopping Ban

I don't think any female, anywhere wants to hear those words... EVER.  Though I actually don't feel so bad about it. I am always up for a challenge, and looking at my recent shopping habits, this should be one. I never really buy "high ticket" items, and spending more then $25 on an item of clothing just seems wrong to me. I've been thrifting so much lately that even buying "new" feels a bit odd. I like my clothing to have a bit of history to it, even if it's someone else's. 

The reason for the ban? It makes me mad to even say it... I have to pay some medical bills. Ugh, yes. I'm not saying I don't care about my health..there is just a lot to it. I don't like insurance; the idea of it, having it, having to deal with your provider, proof of this, proof of that, pre-existing conditions. I've always been healthy and have never really gone to the doctor unless I've stuck something up my nose and can't get it out or I'm dying. But in the end, it looks like it's necessary. Ok, fine, the root of the anger is that I am mad at my body. That it is doing things I can't prevent, that I can only "follow up" on.  What's wrong with you bod? Get your act together!

So goodbye shopping, see you Nov 15.

In spite of all this medical hoopla, I've already done a lot of my winter shopping-and rather well at that. So well that I am going to share some of my favorite finds, and yes, I only spent a total of  $74.60 on everything.
Ann Taylor Sweater: $4.50
Fur Collar Coat: $6.80
Trench Coat: Gift from Mom-Thanks Mom!

Coat: $8.00
Silk Shirt: $1.50
Silk Shirt: $1.50 
Sweater: $3.80
 Cotton Blouse: $1.50
Pleated Skirt: $3.80 
Skirt: $3.80
 Pleated Skirt: $3.80

 Pleated Skirt: $3.80
 Skirt: $3.80
 Skimmers: $16.00

 Suede Boots: $12.00

Have a good night lovelies! 

Piper Alexander  – (September 14, 2011 at 1:48 PM)  

Great finds! You have to tell me where you found these, I've never found anything this nice.

Anonymous –   – (October 4, 2011 at 9:55 PM)  

I can't believe how good all of your finds are! Im much the same; I just cant ever bring myself to pay retail price for anythinnng! But even your thrift finds seem so cheap.. I feel like in Australia all of the charity stores have really increased their prices that its hard to find something of good quality under $10. I mean, I understand that they're a charity and all, but its all a little expensive in my opinion!

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