Etienne Aigner

So I've recently fallen in love with this Designer. He made beautiful leather goods back in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Here is a little history from their site.

"It all started with fine burgundy leather and the vision of Etienne Aigner...

Etienne Aigner established himself as a purveyor of leather goods in Paris where he began turning out handbags and belts and was already making a name for himself among the European fashion elite, including Christian Dior.

"I learned my first valuable lesson from Dior; Make something different, don't follow the trade."

Like many a success story, Etienne Aigner came to America staking his claim in the ever-competitive Mecca of Manhattan. Where he began to diversify; introducing the American public to the artistry he'd mastered in Europe.Aigner's signature "A" and use of distinctive burgundy leather satisfied many a well-heeled customer."
Here are a few items I am in love with! Enjoy!


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