FBFF: Words of Wisdom

This week our focus is on words of wisdom or a piece of advice that sticks with you.

Treat it like a business. 

Sometimes I get too emotionally attached to things and when I am, I fail to do my best or get scared. I make decisions based on feelings instead of thinking things out properly. Yet the moment I think about things in a business sense, my head is cleared and my feelings are put aside. It's like an alter ego- like Beyonce is Sasha Fierce when she's on stage.

Pulling yourself out of a situation and looking at it from a 3rd person perspective is the most clarifying thing for me. 

Who released this lovely "snack" of wisdom on my life? We'll he is to remain nameless (to protect his identity of course), but if you must, you can call him Larry. 

So the next time you feel confused or afraid- get your Sasha Fierce on- and treat it like a business!

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