So I've been meaning to check out the new TopShop since it opened down town a couple months ago. I randomly stopped by yesterday and to my surprise they were doing an event with Olivia Palermo on Holiday Styling. 


 Here's Olivia (in between those 2 girls heads)! She is very tiny in real life. She gave a short presentation on some of the looks she put together. Pretty standard I suppose, but she was super nervous( in a cute way). 
 I do love some of their pieces, and its always frustrating when the price tag doesn't meet what you can afford. I am in search of a holiday dress for a Christmas party and New Years so here are 2 that I found, but are unfortunately way out of my price range. 

 Love the open back! 

I'm really into this red, and the bead work is so classic!

Besides the presentation, free food, and drinks there were make up artists and hair stylists to give you tips for you holiday look and show you how to achieve them. 

Ok so this makes me angry. Here is a lovely shirt priced at (now I can't remember exactly) $60-$70. You can get almost the exact same shirt at Forever 21 for $17. WHYYYY? Don't they understand if they lowered their prices they'd sell out of everything?!? I'm just saying.

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