Keep on changing

Please excuse my absence. It's been completely unintentional, I just have a few factors going against me at the moment. I no longer have internet at home so I have to go out to make posts, I go to work super early and by the time I get home its dark, I now have a lovely new camera with no tripod and no one to take my picture (not like I really had someone before, but setting up a pricey camera is a lot more terrifying then setting up your phone. If the phone falls, your fine. If the camera falls...well thats just not an option). 

This last week I went for a walk around my block. Its amazing how the seasons can make an area look completely different. 



As I said above, I'm slightly bound to my little 1 bedroom apartment to shoot outfit shots at the moment.   I am always trying to use different areas so things don't seem too redundant, this time I chose my bathtub. It's a beautiful vintage clawfoot soaker, the best kind of tub to have after a long run! This outfit was also a bit weird for me. I am mixing grays- which I don't think I've ever done. It's really just my tights and my shirt, but I think they blend pretty well...what do you think??


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