Saturday seemed like the perfect day to stroll through Logan Square and get a little crafty.  So I did just that with Piper.

Last week she came to me with with the Quote/ Lyric DIY project that seems to be floating around the net. It seemed simple enough so we set out to conquer this little project.


 Here are the "basic" instructions:

1)Find a simple painting you want for your letter back drop
2)Pick up paint (your color choice, though white looks best) and stick on letters 
3)Stick letters to painting in a saying/quote/lyric you like
4)Paint over letters
5)Once dry peel off letters...and you're done!





We discovered it's not that easy. Turns out our "go to" thrift stores did not have a lot of painting options. We stopped at 3 or 4 places before we found backdrops we really liked. Most DIY instructions listed that the stick on letters could be found at any hardware store. Not the case- Home Depot does not carry them. We found some at Joann's, but they didn't have the exact size we wanted. When I painted over mine with white paint, the photo beneath bled thru and turned my white paint to pink. Note: Use an actual painting and not something on photo paper. I ended up painting over mine in yellow to get rid of the pink.

All in all it was an interesting experience. I really like how Pipers turned out, I have yet to see mine in person because it took forever to dry. Piper was nice enough to peel my letters off and snap me a picture on her phone. So beware, and don't get frustrated when seemingly simple projects turn into marathons!

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