Below is my attempt at visual/ audio writing. I've really been feeling mustard yellow as my fall color instead of the burnt orange that I normally go for. The song is Pachad by Yael Naim- pretty beautiful. You should check her out.  I really enjoyed putting this particular post together, and will hopefully do more in the future that are more concise audio/visual. 

A dim fear cover the eyes
I want you to wait for him alone
Connecting my hands, and tell me to ask.

Give me a hand
Want you to folding to him
Want you to wait for him forever

White courage pushing me into the water 
Want you to get wet

Come to me
Shining the skies for me

Give me a hand, want you to try by yourself
This is the time that you will bloom forever
Swim alone now, he says
Want you to bloom forever
Its time that you figure out who you are
Give me a hand, give me a hand.

Give me a hand, give me a hand.

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