One of the Folks

I've always been pretty into folk music. Mostly sad stories of lost love and mistakes. I stumbled on to the Bahamas the other day (THANK GOD). I wasn't going to click on the video mainly because of the name. Bahamas. My mind instantly went to palm trees and sandy beaches with steel drums playing in the background. Not really what I'm into. But the video was of a tall, dark haired man filling out his flannel to perfection. How could I resist.

Turns out that man is Afie Jurvanen. A Toronto- based guitarist who has worked with the likes of Feist and Howie Beck. He's finally touring with his solo works in the best way possible. Him, his guitar, and 2 lovely sirens backing his quite contemplative lyrics. 
Words can't express how much I love this band. You just have to listen.

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