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(This is my refusal face. I refuse to go to sleep until I finish my to do list)

Sometimes I go through weeks of feeling absolutely unproductive. Projects I've been neglecting- posts I've been meaning to write, photos that need editing, miles to run, songs to learn, auditions to prep for, books to read, letters to type... the list goes on and on. It's about midnight now and I am struggling to finish my To Do list for today. It consisted of 5 things, one of them- Write a blog post. I did however stop the other day when I was wide awake after a rehearsal and went back over my day. I woke up at 4:30 am, ran 2 miles (marathon training) worked 7:30-4:30, went to rehearsal from 6-10, got home at 11 and prepped 2 songs for an audition, and was amazingly still awake! If that's not a productive day, then I don't know what is. Sometimes we are running around like mad people and don't take the time to stop and really see what it is we are doing with our day. 

I became an actor because I wanted to do EVERYTHING when I grew up. I figured actors get to be/do everything in some form or another. Well now I want to do everything...actually do them, and the amount of hours in a day just aren't agreeing with me. So I'll write them out here and over time (hopefully) cross them off 1 by 1.

Marathon Training- 
Write up training plan
Long run goals
Fuel research (goo and Gatorade kill me)

Learn about the 3 vintage cameras I own- Use them
Wes Anderson Shoot
Edit photos from NY trip
Edit photos from Landree Photo shoot

Finish an open mic set list, 4 song minimum ( not my standards)
Finish the 2 original songs I've already started
Find songs for music theater book

Finish (that damn) Wes Anderson play
Blog on a consistent weekly basis

Finish The Presidentals

Clean and fix 3 hats
Hem 2 dresses
Take floor length lace dress to tailor for full altering

So this post became more of a to do list then anything. At least it's a start. Getting organized.

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