I'm back!!

So sorry for the long absence! I was in New York 2 weeks ago and spent this week catching up- well trying to get back into the groove of things. I promise lots of lovely NY photos soon... as soon as I figure out how to make more room on iPhoto. Apparently-and I don't know how this happens-it's full. Anyone have any suggestions besides backing things up on a disc and deleting?

Yesterday I had about 20 minutes before my rehearsal, so I headed over to my favorite VD (which was right by our rehearsal space). These are the lovely new additions I found. I am always on the look out for white blouses with interesting collars. It's the old lady in me. I just want to wear lace and frills all the time now. The sandals are perfect for Spring- if it warms up again...soon I hope! VD always has really interesting china sets. I've toyed with the idea of using them to hold things, but never bought them. I suppose I was having a really girly day yesterday because I picked up these 2. I also think I want to get into drinking tea more. Perhaps have a fancy lady tea hour? Anyways, these are my first two- which I love! (Annnnnd they were only $0.90 each!)

Last update- speaking in real time- I'm dying my hair auburn today (not exactly sure of the proper word for the color since I've heard red, copper, auburn). I'm excited to go lighter, but I've never really changed my hair color so this could end in tragedy... I hope not!

Have a great weekend...hair photos to follow soon!

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