You never know what you are going to find when you go thrifting. That is part of the fun. I've been going on a more consistent basis to help with a project I am working on and I find that I'm "learning" certain stores. Where to find what I want and I'm not talking about the shoe aisle or the dress section. It's really hard to describe it further then that, without sounding a little crazy. I'll get a feeling I should go to a certain store on a certain day, walk down a certain aisle, stop at a particular coat on the floor. It's weird and wonderful all at the same time and it makes shopping in regular stores a little lack luster. 

These are some goodies I discovered last night. A beautiful long wool coat (finding long coats that fit me are hard. I am short so the right length is essential or I look like the coat is eating me.), a clip on fur collar, a strawberry broach, velvet skirt, and Etienne Aigner boots. All for a sweetly unheard of (cheap) price! 

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